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ARKImedia, Urban Communication,
 an International Outdoor Media Concessionary specialised in maxi posters, mega billboards on scaffolding and building sites. Printing and decorative services.

Set up in 2002 ARKImedia has an unequalled experience in the selling of outdoor advertising space in Italy and Europe, offering a professional, flexible 360° service, covering all possible requirements: from the single supply of printing to the turnkey installation on our own sites or those of our European partners.

ARKImedia is a successful European company operating in outdoor advertising, specialised in large-sized, maxi billboards and deals with clients of international status. Thanks to the experience of one of its partner founders and the collaboration with the agencies of all Italy, ARKImedia wants to be the point of reference for Naples and other towns of Italy regarding the maxi billboards. For the  accomplishment, a specific Know-how was developed, which involves the knowledge of the territory, product and the service to offer.